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Approval required for submitted Extensions?

Hi there,

There was some talk in the Twitch Discord server saying that any Extensions that are submitted for this devjam have to be approved before they can be judged. Is that true and if so, how many days before the submission deadline do we need to turn it in? From what I've read the approval process for Extensions can take a while.


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    Thanks for the question, Morgan. If a Twitch Extension is part of your hackathon submission, it is not required to be approved. However, it does make it much easier to review. A week prior to the deadline should be plenty of time.

    If for any reason it cannot be approved by the submission deadline, please note this somewhere in your submission description and we will get back to you with the Twitch accounts that should be added to the "Streamer Allowlist" and "Testing Account Allowlist" to properly review.

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