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IP related concerns for In Game

Is it possible to create in-game solutions if you don't own the IP?

I'm just really wondering about this. For example, Crowdcontrol.live, which provides amazing solutions, also encourages the use of ROMs. Not a lawyer, but ROMs are illegal and I guess encouragement without providing direct information to download the ROM is legal.

Now we can't submit a project without providing the complete installation. So therefore you need to provide the game too. If we provide a steam key for the jury, that could be resolved.

Leaving us with another situation. What if the IP owner of the game doesn't like their game to have an interactive solution?

It might be nice to provide an example of what is accepted if don't own the IP.

Thanks again for helping out!

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  • Manager   •   over 1 year ago

    Yes, to answer your initial question, but it may depend on the game. There are a number of games that welcome modification like Minecraft and Stardew Valley, which have mods on CurseForge for example. You might remember we built a Stardew Valley Twitch Extension to demonstrate a potential way to create an Extension for audiences to influence gameplay.

    Another place to find games that welcome addons or mods is the Steam Workshop; that includes games like Left 4 Dead, Portal, Dead Cells, etc. To your later question, our hackathon rules do not take into account whether or not an IP owner likes their game being modified, so we would just recommend using your best judgement.

    Hopefully some of these examples and mod sites help to convey what may be possible if you are not the developer the game being played.

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