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Question about deadline/entry time

I created a project when the Channel Points API was released, it fits this Hackathon so well... but still has bits to be done.

If I wanted to join the Hackathon would I need to build it from scratch?
If so;
Could I use pieces from my original project?
If I did win a prize, would I be able to promote my original product?

I personally feel like I've already built something extremely awesome... so this opportunity is something I cannot miss out on, but I need to know how I can actually go about this

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  • Manager   •   over 1 year ago

    Hackathon submissions should be projects that were created during the duration of the hackathon, but participants are free to take advantage of previously written code if it serves a new purpose for the hackathon project. In other words, reused code should not be the core of the project. For example, if you have previously written Twitch API classes or modules to make easy calls to the API, or perhaps a JavaScript project to help with drawing/displaying information.

    One of our key indicators to understand when the submission was created will be looking at the creation date of the Twitch application, which is necessary to get a Client ID.

    If you did win a prize, you would be able to promote additional projects you are working on via the methods we establish at the end of the competition. More info on promotion at that time.

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