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Define "Games" and "Broadcaster Tools"


"Games" and "Broadcaster Tools". Both words are only mentioned once in the rules section, yet they are likely the most important. It leaves a lot of room for assumptions on what they are. To get a better understanding, I require Twitch to define them by providing a description and/or examples.

If I built a game playable in an extension panel, is this considered an in-game project or a broadcaster tool?
Is changing the rules/points for a boardgame considered in-game?
What about matching different streamers to play a game together (for example 10.000 points to join a Fortnite queue) is this in-game?

Thanks for this awesome project! We can't wait to get started. Good luck to every participant!

cheers, Jeroen // CVS-Gaming

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  • Manager   •   over 1 year ago

    Hi Jeroen!

    Another way to define the Channel Points project categories may be gaming vs non-gaming. All three of your examples would fit into the "Games Integrations" category. That would be any project that interacts with or affects the gaming experience.

    "Broadcaster Tools" would be anything that is not directly related to a game, affecting other aspects of a broadcast. For example, IoT devices, OBS scene control, celebrations, or moderation to name a few.

    That said, I'm sure there may be projects that seem to fit in either category. Participants should select the category they feel represents their project the most.

    Hopefully this has provided some guidance!

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